Monday, 29 September 2008


Welcome to our new website...and our very own Blog page.
Here you can keep up to date with Christchurch happenings & Weston House Gossip.We hope to keep everything lighthearted and informative and we want your feedback...
If you have stayed here tell us how you enjoyed your experience - share your views with our other readers so they can plan their trips to New Zealand.

The new look Weston House website goes live today - having been 'work in progress' for quite a few months.I have to thank the patience of our key contributors -Brian from Webdirectionz for the wonderful site and our magic Content Management System , Web design by Dreamland , Website translations from Pascal and Rebecca at TraNZlate Aotearoa - who understood just how important it is to have your product translated correctly by people not machines.(A good plug here - Rebecca is our daughter too, and so I get what we call in New Zealand 'mates' rates' - you will have to negotiate!)

So what else do we hope to include on our 'Blog' -
  • Tourism news,events,special offers from Christchurch and New Zealand.
  • Updated Weston House news - what we are doing and what you have been doing.....
  • Guest Photos too - some candid shots from my camera and you can post your own memories from your stay with us even thinking of awarding a prize or two.
  • Recipes,Wines of the moment at WH and wine info (nothing too highbrow but might just explain a few tasting notes-especially those highly contrived and amusing ones e.g. 'hint of armpit' - I joketh not here -this is a serious note for Sav.Blanc - fortunately not in vogue this year)
  • Great websites and tourism links.
  • Anything to do with Food and Wine...especially wine.
  • Favourite Restaurants,venues and happenings.
I could go on ... but I want to keep these short and sweet... I could talk my way into the NZ Talkers Team (they'd only need me) but don't want to add that reputation to the written word just yet!