Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Season's Greetings one and all
.... well only part of the above looks like me- it's the hand holding the wine glass....sentiment is sound though - just like "Wine O'Clock" at The Weston House...and I can hear you all sigh and say 'I remember it well' - except perhaps for Colin.We have fond memories of Colin and the Merlot- Colin you are famous amongst our guests but you surname will only be released to the media in exchange for squillions of dollars(just kidding...)Colin is one of our favourite guests a true gentleman who unfortunately viewed Christchurch through red(merlot) tinted lenses each evening when he went out to dinner- aided by Len with his wine pouring technique 'say when' and the fact that no one ever does so the glass is always filled to impolite levels of 'gosh- not that much'

This is our 11th season doing B&B and the mailing list of the "A" team guests keeps getting longer and longer.. it's your delightful company that keeps us doing this - more of a 'lifestyle choice' than a living!

Like everyone who is retired (oh - retired- is that the word???) with grandchildren, we have had a busy busy year....but oh so wonderful.Our daughter Rebecca and Pascal have presented us with this amazing grandchild- ok , grandparents always think their grandchild is the most attractive,advanced,intelligent little human being to ever set foot on the planet- but we are all right - aren't we?Calix is the best thing that has ever happened to us - I would never have believed that I could spend so much time playing,doing daft things and making certifiable noises-just to make a little child smile.I know you can all imagine me doing this - but I do it sober which is a true worry.But he loves his Granny and Grandad and that smile when he sees us makes the Madoff scam melt into insignificance.It is all true - like so many of you- we are besotted.

It has been a one of those years where yesterday was the 1st of January and we have managed to fit in some work too...we now have a lovely new website- quite a change from the old one and many of you are featured in the moving pictures that go across the top of the screen ...remember all those photos I have been taking - well they are now loaded in a Picasa Album ...see if you can find yourself... http://picasaweb.google.com/weston.house.

In the low-tech area...in our new website (same old web address) we now have a Newsletter Page - in the form of a Blog - so that you can add your comments which should be fun.I am supposed to update it regularly but playtime keeps interrupting me!My New Year's resolution is to be more regular.....

We managed a small break to Europe & the UK..it was the 50th Anniversary of Len's favourite Motor Racing Formula - 'Formula Junior' - so he competed in NZ but was a spectator in the races in Pau,Monza & Brands Hatch.We tried to come and stay with you all but it appeared you were all out when we arrived!!!(just joking)..... we spent most of the time in Europe and even went to St Petersburg - so our time in the UK was very limited and some of that had to be business.Wasn't the best of weather but then we have not always been kind to you weatherwise on your visits to NZ - however Europe & the UK have so much history etc to offer that one can always find something wonderful to look at (or drink) when it rains....sometimes I even shop (really???) but Len has paid zillions of Euro to Easyjet to lower their luggage allowance so that I can't buy too much(that is almost believable - I think their is a 'husband fund' at the airports so that you can all contribute to this- am I right Ladies????)

...so that is it in a nutshell..... New Zealand is still fabulous(2009 we stay home & tour NZ and we made our mind up to do this before the current financial crisis- maybe that was the cause) and remember our currency is very much in your favour.So grab yourself a bargain on the net and direct book with us and we will give you 'mates rates' and a bottle of NZ wine for every night you stay(not to drink here but to take away)Reading this anyone could be forgiven for believing that we just do 'wine o'clock' and no food!

Our best wishes go out to you all for a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous ( or financially viable- at least) New Year but most of all we wish you Health and Peace because money can't buy either of those gifts.

all our thoughts

Len & Stephanie

Isn't he wonderful?

Monday, 29 September 2008


Welcome to our new website...and our very own Blog page.
Here you can keep up to date with Christchurch happenings & Weston House Gossip.We hope to keep everything lighthearted and informative and we want your feedback...
If you have stayed here tell us how you enjoyed your experience - share your views with our other readers so they can plan their trips to New Zealand.

The new look Weston House website goes live today - having been 'work in progress' for quite a few months.I have to thank the patience of our key contributors -Brian from Webdirectionz for the wonderful site and our magic Content Management System , Web design by Dreamland , Website translations from Pascal and Rebecca at TraNZlate Aotearoa - who understood just how important it is to have your product translated correctly by people not machines.(A good plug here - Rebecca is our daughter too, and so I get what we call in New Zealand 'mates' rates' - you will have to negotiate!)

So what else do we hope to include on our 'Blog' -
  • Tourism news,events,special offers from Christchurch and New Zealand.
  • Updated Weston House news - what we are doing and what you have been doing.....
  • Guest Photos too - some candid shots from my camera and you can post your own memories from your stay with us too....am even thinking of awarding a prize or two.
  • Recipes,Wines of the moment at WH and wine info (nothing too highbrow but might just explain a few tasting notes-especially those highly contrived and amusing ones e.g. 'hint of armpit' - I joketh not here -this is a serious note for Sav.Blanc - fortunately not in vogue this year)
  • Great websites and tourism links.
  • Anything to do with Food and Wine...especially wine.
  • Favourite Restaurants,venues and happenings.
I could go on ... but I want to keep these short and sweet... I could talk my way into the NZ Talkers Team (they'd only need me) but don't want to add that reputation to the written word just yet!