Monday, 20 June 2011


It is with deep regret that we have to announce that The Weston House is to be demolished.

The earthquakes and aftershocks ( all 7,000 of them ) may have taken our home and business plus 25% of our possessions but they haven't taken our spirits - well not quite.
Like everyone in Christchurch we have existed in a war zone especially since February when we suffered the earthquake from hell.

The Weston House was cordoned off for weeks and under Army guard and Police control. As you know our location borders the "Red Zone" or CBD 'no-go' area.The heart of the City is in an awful state with whole areas set for demolition and is not the City we loved any more.

It WILL rise again but at the present it is hard to visualize - we are all too tired to think that far ahead.I think that the double hit last Monday shook us to the core. We are being hit from every direction with quakes along previously unknown faults - no doubt setting each other off. But every time this happens we get a new series of aftershocks and the time frame for the earth settling down stretches out to another year. It sure tests your faith....

But I would hate you to think we are the only ones suffering - there are thousands worse off than ourselves.Those in the low lying eastern suburbs have been hit again by foul liquefaction while those on the spectacular sea facing cliffs of Sumner and Redcliffs have watched their homes plunge or left balanced on the very edge. Earthquake damage shows no respect for any sector of society and strikes where the land is weakest.

Hundreds of volunteers have turned out to help clear up the mess but the affected still have no news or decisions regarding their futures.
We have had our own battles - the demolition, which we have fought for since February - was scheduled to start today - but although classed as urgent - they are minus a piece of paper and now could be delayed upto 2 weeks.
TWH has been terminal since 22 February ,which inflicted terrible wounds on an already damaged building.
We were lucky to escape with our lives and any suggestion that repair was an option filled us with horror.
The three 'who's  have ruled our lives and fuelled our battle
- who will pay?
- who would insure us?
- who would stay here anymore?
I feel like Mrs Schwarzenegger .... I have fallen out of love with my home - it has been unfaithful to me and will soon lie broken at my feet...
But no matter how lovely your home is your family is lovelier and the fact that we have all survived is all that matters.
I cannot express adequately how grateful I am to them all , especially Len, who has to deal with my cranky spells (can you imagine me getting cranky? I hope so!!!! I have a black belt in it now - along with my black belt in shopping)

Earthquakes can't take away the joy TWH has delivered and the wonderful friends we have made over the last 15 years.
That was the dream - this is the nightmare.

Our future....a holiday - completing the holiday we started last year... some sleep....and then we will rethink and plan.
Len needs some time off to race his car and I need some time off to smell the roses as they say and we both need to spoil our grandchildren.....

...and for the photo you won't really want to study....